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My Child's First Book of Praise

Hello 2 Kids™ publishes Christian sound books to help children know more about God from an early age.

The sound books are designed to encourage the children to build their faith through playing. It is a high-quality, fun, and entertaining tool to help families memorize and learn Bible songs in an interactive way.


6 Bible Songs + Fun Illustrations

  • Six of the popular bible songs so children can enjoy singing and learning the word of God while playing.

  • The songs, sung by mom and child.

  • Fun & colorful illustrations with lyrics on each page.

  • Easily navigate between the sounds and illustrations in a simple and intuitive way.


Praise God Anywhere & Anytime

  • It is a suitable size, sturdy, and children handle safely.

  • Toddlers will love toting this around all over the place such as their car sheets, shopping carts, church, school, family vacations...

  • Playing with the sound book becomes to praise God.


Bonding Time

  • We selected the Bible songs that were also loved by the parents' generation. Sing together to have the perfect amount of bonding time.

  • It will help parents and children to create memorable moments of the connection while singing God's love.


Learning & Development